How To Taste-Proof Your Organic Teas

Like a car or a romance, the joy of a new organic tea can be undone by brewing it with stale water or leaving it accidentally expose to humidity for too long. To make sure your new teas age gracefully with staying power, follow these steps:


01. Many commercially available processed teas can be left open for many years because of the preservative and artificial flavors added.  As organic tea do not contain any preservatives, it is not advisable to store them in the open like other processed teas. To ensure freshness in terms of quality and taste, it is preferable to seal it using a air tight glass container or ziploc bags, and store it inside a refrigerator. Organic teas if stored properly, can last for about 2-3 years. However, please note that freezing teas can destroy the flavors.

02. As soon as you take the tea out of packaging, it is best to seal it again instead of exposing it to the moisture in the air. One should also be careful not be crush the tea leaves as the flavors of the full leaves are released only when brewed, if crushed – it will taste blunt and less refreshing.

03. Ideally, you should have several teas that you can rotate, so that you do not taste the same tea every day, it diminishes your pleasure unless you are someone who is very loyal to the taste you like. Save the the special teas for your special someone to share the love, enjoy your organic teas!

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