Infusing balance in your life.

A confluence of modernity and traditional Oriental goodness, Infusion-de-vie seeks to invoke the vitality that lies deep within us, with every taste of our tea blends.

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#WhatsBlending Today: Refine

In this jolly season of festivities and late night partying, we encourage you to have a cup of Refine every morning to start your day. This organic blend of white peony + honeysuckle + goji berries not only improves liver and kidney function, it also helps to maintain blood sugar level and boost your immunity so that you won't fall sick easily.

REFINE is now retailing in our online store at or you can head down to Naiise@Shaw Level 3 this weekend for a tea sample with any purchase.

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This Christmas, why not encourage your family and loved ones to stay healthy and happy by gifting them the #GiftOfWellness. To celebrate this festive season, we are having a wonderful Christmas promotion – get a box of Refine Organic Tea and our Pot-de-vie tea pot set at a special bundle price of $69 (UP: $78).

We offer free delivery to all locations in Singapore. Purchase your Christmas gifts at today!

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#WhatsBlendingToday: Reflect

An aromatic blend of Sencha green tea and osmanthus flowers, have a cup of Reflect daily as part of your beauty regime! Regular consumption of osmanthus can help to moisturize the skin as well as to enhance skin tone and color. It also curbs bad breath, enhances your eyesight, and helps you to relax. You will be reflecting radiance wherever you go.

Get a box of Reflect today at or gift it to someone special this holiday season!

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Artificial coloring is found to be linked to an increased risk of cancer as well as ADHD in children. At Infusion-de-vie, we are strongly committed to upholding food safety and the wellness of our customers. All our tea blends do not contain any artificial coloring. The clear and distinct color you see in our tea comes naturally from the different levels of oxidation of the tea leaves.

Get a box of high quality organic tea from us today at!

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#WhatsBlendingToday: Renew

In this season leading up to many dinner and dances and Christmas feastings, have a cup of Renew daily to help with digestion and lowering your cholesterol. This organic dry-aged tangerine peel + Pu-er blend will also help to fight cancer, balance blood sugar, and relieve stress.

Get a box of Renew today at or head down to Naiise@Shaw Level 3 this weekend!

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