Infusion-de-vie, translating to “Tea of Life”, is a Singapore registered Organic Tea Company specialising in blending organic tea leaves and traditional Chinese herbs.

The name is inspired by the French who are the first tea traders in Europe. Unbeknownst to many, the French actually started importing tea several decades before the British who are well-known to be huge tea drinkers, and because the French focused on only premium quality tea which improves health, the practice of tea drinking remained in the homes of the elites instead of trickling down to the public.

Akin to the early French tea traders, Infusion-de-vie values premium quality and believes in inspiring a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Its teas are a balanced infusion of organic premium tea leaves and traditional Chinese herbs, which invoke vigour and vitality in the bodies.

To ensure we get Teas and traditional Chinese herbs of the highest standards, our tea masters take reference from the Ming dynasty herbal compendium, Bencao Gangmu (本草纲目) and work only with suppliers who conform to its principles. With palates borne from years of experience, these experts then carefully concoct the exact ratio of ingredients needed to bring out the flavor and fragrance so distinct of each blend of Infusion-de-vie..


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